Pro editor - live site column issues

I’m having quite a few problems with Pro at the moment since switching from X.

I’m rebuilding my pages using the new row element and it’s just one problem after another…

Inside the Pro editor here is how my page looks -

Now when I actually access the page (after clearing caches)

As you can see the text is over the image. These are in two separate columns why is the text appearing over the image? And if it’s because of a layout setting why is that not being reflected with the Pro editor?

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for writing in, first, I see that you have a caching plugin please clear all your caching features (plugin, server-side, CDN, and browser’s cache) so that the code from the latest release is always in use. This will help you to avoid any potential errors.

Now, that issue usually caused by a broken HTML tag. Please check all your HTML markup, you can use this tool here.

If you don’t see anything unusual please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a look on it.


Hi Friech,

The first thing I did was clear all my caches, still the same problem. the HTML markup is all fine on the columns in question. I will add my login credentials within a secure note as I don’t know what the issue is here.

Can I also say, why is the Pro editor not reflected what is actually being shown on the site? I never had this problem with the standard version of X and Cornerstone would always accurate reflect the live site. Since moving over to Pro it doesn’t seem to be the case?

Hi There,

Thank you for the credentials. I can see the issue and forwarded this for investigation. As an alternative for the moment, I added a GAP element on the blank column to fixed it. Please check.

Hi Lely,

Is the issue a bug in relation to Pro?

It’s weird because it isn’t happening when the image is on the right but just when it’s on the left. I’ve added the gap element to the other column and it is working. I obviously don’t want to leave these gaps in for the future so would you be able to come back to me once the issue has been resolved?


Hello Ryan,

We can confirm that this is a bug in the latest release. It only happens though if you left a column as empty. I would recommend that you do not use empty columns to create spaces on the left or right side of your page. You will have to insert at least a gap element inside the column to prevent this bug from happening in your site.

By the way, our developers were already made aware of this issue. Once the’ve fixed it, it will be updated and rolled out in the next release update cycle.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Ruenel,

The column is not being use to create space on the left or the right. I was informed in a previous thread by a staff member that as I wanted my image to take up the entire column i should add it as a background of the column rather than as an image element.

Is this still correct?

Hello Ryan,

Actually you can ignore this thread. The error you have encounter here was still related to this thread:

The missing curly brace in the header has affected not only one page but all of the pages that were assigned to use the custom header with the broken css code.

Hope this helps.

Hi RueNel,

This isn’t the case at all. That was already broken before the missing bracket affected the whole site.

I’ve just removed the gap from the first column on -


So this needs to be investigated and fixed, it returns to it’s correct viewing once I have added the gap back in.

Hey Ryan,

To clarify, this is a bug in the new Row layout system which is available in X/Cornerstone and Pro so this isn’t about Pro only.

The solution, for now, is to add a Gap element as Lely said. In case you don’t like the setup or wish to use the Classic Row (v2), you can enable it back in Preferences.


Hi Christian,

I have added it back in, it was only that RueNel said it was because of the CSS code I had added when it was not the case. Just didn’t want you to lose track of it as a bug :slight_smile:


Hi Ryan,

Noted. It was added on our issue tracker. Rest assured we will work on the fixed, we cannot just promise an exact ETA. Thanks.

Hi Lely,

That’s okay, I’ve kept the gaps in as a workaround right now which is fine and doesn’t affect any other functionality :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply

You can check our changelog page when we release an update to see if a fix for this bug is included


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