Uber menu broken on update

After the update my ubermenu stopped working. Before when I clicked on the top level menu, a sub menu would open. Now when click on the top level menu, the sub-menu doesn’t open.

This has something to do with a setting from Ubermenu. Unfortunately this doesn’t fix it. The latest update must have changed something that makes it not work anymore.

From ubermenu:

If you wish to allow dropdowns within a mega submenu, you can enable that in the Control Panel > Main UberMenu Configuration > Submenus > Allow Dropdown within Mega Submenu

Hi @Parkinson_Canada,

Thanks for writing in. Have you already tried clearing your cache? If yes and the issue still persists, could you be able to give us a temporary login to your site? So we could look in to it a bit more closer. Please don’t forget to put the login details in a secure note.


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