Cannot Update Theme or Validate


I’m trying to update my site however I cannot update the theme and when I try to validate it just loads a white page

I have the exact same issue, I cannot validate my key, it leads to a white page and the valid key is not recognized

Hey Amelia,

It’s because of version incompatibility between a later version of Cornerstone and an old version of X. I’ve uninstalled Cornerstone and let X install the compatible version. By doing this, X can now be validated. I just tested the validation and it works so there’s no further problem

You just now need to backup your site and update X first and then Cornerstone. If you can though, it’s best to test updates in a staging server first. If you find no problem, update the live site.

Frederic, your case might be the same as Amelia’s. If not, please open a separate thread and give us WordPress Admin credentials in a Secure Note.

Hope that helps.

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