Mega menu controls not working after Pro update


I have upgraded one of my websites to your new version of Pro but it has broken some of my customisations.I understand this was to be expected, so I went to fix them and I have found what I think is a bug with a mega menu setup.

I will add a secret note with a link to a video. As you can see, the margin controls no longer work - my previous setup was to use the margin controls to move the mega menu over to the right of my button, so it is not cut off at the bottom of the screen. But margin controls no longer work - but padding does work correctly.

Any ideas how I can resolve this? Is this a bug and if so will it be patched in a future version?

Thanks for your help.


Hello @littleshock,

Thanks for writing to us.

In order to help you with concerns, we need to check your settings I would request you please share your details in a secure note. Please provide the following details

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