Child Page Breaks When Parent Page Has Specific Name - Getting 404 Page


I have a page that, when I assign it a parent page, the page breaks and gives me a 404 error. If I change the name of the parent page I can assign it and it works fine. Unfortunately for SEO I really need the page to be named as I have it when it breaks. Can you help be troubleshoot this?

Things that I can do to make the link work:
If I change the theme to the Wordpress Twenty Twenty theme it works.
If I change the parent page name it works. Changed from “partners” to “partner” and it worked.
If I change the parent page to a different page on the site it works. It is only happening on this one page.

This I have tried that did not work:
Reloading X theme with newest fresh set of files.
Changing from my Child theme to the Parent theme.
Disabling plugins.
Searched for other files with similar names and changed them.

Thanks you in advance for your help!

Hi @3HExapaT,

Thanks for writing in. I tried to recreate the issue you mentioned but was unable to. Could you be able to give us a temporary credentials to your site? So we can look at it a bit closer. Don’t forget to write it in a secure note.


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