Design Cloud is not loading on fresh install

I just did a fresh wordpress install & X theme install and can not get the design cloud to load. I have installed cornerstone and my memory limit is 256M. When i click on design cloud on the new version 7 update, I get the loading icon but it just keeps on spinning and never loads anything.

Hey Chad,

Thanks for writing in. When you see the spinning circle, can you press F12 in your keyboard and grab a screenshot of your screen? Please post the screenshot here.

If you are able to go to WP Admin Menu > X > Status and click the Copy Details button. That will copy the stuff you see there. Post the copied text in a Secure Note.


Thank you for the reply. Your first option worked. After pressing F12 I realized that I had an ad blocker on my browser. I turned it off and that fixed it.

Glad that you managed to fix the issue :slight_smile:.

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