Page Styling Disappeared

I am new to the X Theme and am playing around trying to learn it (and prevent future catastrophe…lol). I was playing with this page and the styling is now gone. I don’t know what I did to make that happen or how to fix it if it would happen in the future… HELP!

Also, when I try to activate the Cornerstone plugin on my site, I get this error:

Fatal error : Cannot declare class Cornerstone_Plugin_Base, because the name is already in use in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/utility/plugin-base.php on line 6

Is there a way to fix this ?



Hi Dee,

The Cornerstone and Content Builder are the same, but Cornerstone comes with the X as an individual plugin, and the Content Builder is integrated with the Pro as a part of the theme. So you don’t need to install the Cornerstone separately while using the Pro.

Hope it helps.

Thank you for that explanation. Any idea about what I did to lose the styling on the About page of the template?

Hi Dedra,

I suggest that you clear your Pro styling cache. To do that, please go to Po >Settings > System and click the clear style button. Only if none of that helps, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.

Thank you.

Thanks, I will try that in the future. I ended up just restoring from backup.

Sounds like a plan. Glad you’re back up and running ok.

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