Samsung Galaxy10 Issue

Hi there!

I just sent a message via another account but wanted to reach out on the account with the current license #! We’ve had a user complain that on their Galaxy s10, content is being cut off on the page. We’re unsure how to replicate the issue and don’t see any rules that would cause this to happen. Would you be able to look into this for us?

We have tabs on the following pages:


Hey Adam,

Thanks for writing in. I checked you site on my phone and yes, I see the accordion content being cut-off. I suspect this only affects Visual Composer accordions but we first need to make sure that X is the cause of the issue. With that said, please do note the results of the troubleshooting steps listed below:

  1. In WPBakery Page Builder > General Settings, enable Legacy X Integration. Take note of if this solves the issue both when enabled and disabled.
  2. Please switch to the parent theme. Again, note if this solves the issue.
  3. If you have custom CSS and JS in Theme Options and/or elsewhere in your site, please temporarily remove them or store them in a notepad.

The result of each step would help us eliminate possible causes eventually leading us to the exact cause.

Your leadership page is password protected. Please provide the password or WP Admin access in a Secure Note.

Hi Christian,

Thanks for responding! We’re more than happy to help test! Our only issue is that we don’t have access to an Android, and wouldn’t know if any of the troubleshooting steps worked. Can we send you a temporary admin username and password so you can test this on our behalf? (Will send in secure note)

Thank you!!!

Hey Adam,

I’ve discovered that the problem is coming from the Tab animation. I’ve set it to none and it works.

I couldn’t replicate this issue in my test site though so there could be something in your setup that’s causing the option not to work. Regretfully, since it’s a live site, I could not investigate as I avoid the risk of breaking your site.

I’d recommend that you copy your site over to a staging server. See

In the staging site, deactivate all the third party plugins. Only leave Cornerstone and Visual Composer. Use the parent theme and remove all the custom CSS and JS.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for taking a look! We’ll test it and let you know if the problem persists.

You’re most welcome and let us know, thanks!

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