Ninja Forms Short Code

I’m attempting to embed a Ninja Form utilizing the Cornerstone editor. Every time I enter the Ninja Form shortcode, all that appears in the live view is all the form coding. Not the actual form itself. Can you please advise?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jessica,

Please try adding the shortcode in a Classic Raw Content element.

If the issue persists, please provide us the link to the page you are working on because when I tried to check the site that is in your account and I can’t find the page where the Ninja Form is.

Thank you.

@Jade, thank you for the quick response. I attempted that, but it didn’t work. Please see the ninja form shortcode embed at the following page,

Hey Jessica,

May we ask what happens if you put the Ninja Forms shortcode in the default WordPress editor? Please also test using the default WordPress editor with the default WordPress theme.

Please also copy your site to a staging server so we could do some testing without third-party plugins and so there’s no risk breaking your site.

Once you have setup staging, please give us the staging site’s WordPress Login URL, Username and Password in a Secure Note


I attempted to add the shortcode to a page that was being editing with the default editor. That looks nothing like the default wordpress editor I’m used to on my other websites, but the only option I saw. Using that, the shortcode didn’t work.

My hands are tied regarding a staging site, because the plan we’re on is economy through GoDaddy and we don’t have the capability to create a staging site.

Can you advise if your X theme is known to work well with Ninja Forms? Are there any thoughts as to why the shortcode is not working?


Hey Jessica,

There’s is no known conflict with our theme and Ninja Forms.

Because the form does not work also in the default editor whether it’s the Classic Editor or Gutenberg (the new editor of WordPress), the problem is in the form itself. I also mentioned that you need to test using the default WordPress theme. In case you are not familiar what default WordPress themes are, they are named by the year like TwentyNineteen.

Please contact the Ninja Forms support because the form is really not working.


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