Image Element - how to crop a landscape image to square?

I’m using the Image Element and I have a lot of different sized and orientation images. Is it possible to for the Image Element to crop a landscape image to square?

Example here that I’m trying to fix.

Hello Paul,

Thanks for writing in! The image element is just a container to display whatever image URL you insert. You can set width or maximum width in the image element settings and that’s it. There is no feature in the element that it can crop a rectangle image into a square one. You can use the Settings > Media if you want a cropped image size. And then you can use this image size when you insert a URL into an image element.

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 10.51.43 AM

The best recommend would be to edit your image in a photo editor and upload a square version. This way, you can make sure that the photo of the person is displayed correctly. Cropping the image may cut the head or parts of a person in you image.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @ruenel. I’ve updated the Media setting but it’s not showing the new settings. I’ll use your other option and crop them manually.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Paul,

You haven’t inserted and image URL

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Hi @ruenel… I was working on it. Try it now, the images are in and it’s looking much better, I think.

Great! It’s good to know that you have found a way to make the images as squares.


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