Cornerstone not validating and not working

I created a clients’ site using X and recently the Cornerstone has stopped working. I go to a page to edit in Cornerstone and it keeps scrolling. The X theme needed updating, so I did that and it keeps saying Cornerstone needs validating. It doesn’t ask for the purchase or license code but there’s a button to click to validate and it goes to the X dashboard.

I can send the WP login

Hi @anitaswebdesign,

Thank you for writing in, is there is any chance that you rename the x folder to something else?

Please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Thank you for taking a look

Hey @anitaswebdesign,

Thanks for providing the credentials. The cause of the issue is likely the incorrect installation of X. You installed X in a subfolder. Please move the x folder under themes. Or, delete the x folders and follow the theme installation instruction here:

Hope that helps.

I tried this and the entire website disappeared.

HI @anitaswebdesign,

I did go ahead and corrected that installation issue, but it seems you have customization on the child theme that is now obsolete. Whatever those customizations might be, you need to update those to adhere to the latest version of the Theme and Wordpress.

And the reason why the Cornerstone is not working on your site is that your Wordpress version is outdated.

Please update your Wordpress to the latest version

Updating WordPress

Remember to clear all your caching features (plugin, server-side, CDN, and browser’s cache) after updating so that the code from the latest release is always in use. This will help you to avoid any potential errors.

Let us know how it goes,

I’ve updated the WordPress and the Cornerstone is working now.
Thank you for all your help!

You are most welcome!
Good to know that it is all working now.

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