Page builder and Page Preview does not match

I update Wordpress to latest version today and updated the PRO theme as well.

I am surprised that the elements in the page builder work fine but the page preview it is completely messed up.

I did a simple test.

In the page builder the Elements appear fine

But in the page preview it is messed up.

I am offline using local by flywheel for the website development I am not live.

Please help.


Hey Ishan,

The usual cause of that are HTML and CSS syntax errors added in the elements that accept HTML and theme option (Theme Options > CSS) and/or the builder’s interface like Content CSS and Element CSS.

Please check where you’ve added HTML and try removing all the custom CSS in your site. If you don’t have custom CSS, we will need to see the issue so we’ll need to login to your site. That means you need to copy your site to an online server and give us WordPress Admin credentials in a Secure Note.


Hi Christian,

Thanks for responding. One plug-in was creating all the mess.

Thanks for your help.


On behalf of my colleague, you’re welcome. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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