Copy of page template template-blank-3 adding Header and Footer

Hi guys, I copied both of the appropriate template-blank-3.php files into the corresponding folders in my child theme with the view of modifying the template slightly to suit my needs.

I renamed the template (filenames and in the php comments) and I’m able to select the template for my page. However, even though template-blank-3.php is described as “Container | No Header, No Footer”, and the one I’m using is a direct copy from the master Pro theme, the page is displaying with headers and footers. Do you have any suggestion as to why this would be? Thanks

Hi Stewart,

Thank you for writing in, please confirm the following.

  • You copied two template-blank-3.php file, one on the root directory of your child theme and one on the \pro-child\framework\views\{stack-name}
  • Confirm that you place the copied template on the right directory. Specifically that directory I provided above with the correct {stack-name} (integrity, renew, icon, or ethos)
  • Confirm that you enable the child theme.

Customizations - Best Practices

If the issue persists, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


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