Workspace from left to right

Hi everyone !

Just my workspace is aligned from right to left by default (see pic below).
My Wordpress language is set in French though, so left to right.
I want to make the workspace read from left to right.
How can I fix this?

Please and thank you.

Hello Zineb,

Thanks for writing in! Do you know that you can rearrange the panels win your WorkSpace? Kindly check out this video for more details:

If this does not help, please provide us access to the site so that we can check your site and theme options settings. You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
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Best Regards.

Hi @ruenel :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for your reply.
It’s not so much panel organization. If you look at the screenshot, you’ll notice the icons are on the right and the text is aligned to the right. That’s what I want to fix. When I move the panels around, the icons and text alignment remain to the right. They should be on the left.
Thanks again!

Hi Zineb,

I would suggest you deactivate and delete the existing Pro and install it again by downloading from your Themeco Account and check if the Page Builder is reset or not.


Hi @tristup . OK, will do. Thank you.

Hi Zineb,

You are most welcome, please let us know how it works.

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