PRO: Graphic icon, can I center it with text?

Hi again,

Thanks to your help, I’m making good progress, and am impressed by PRO - and the exceptional support!

A small thing where I could do with your expert knowledge:

I would like to use, in a headline, a graphic icon together with text. And I would like both together centered on the page. For the text alone centering is simple, but the icon stays at the left side. Is there way to center both, without extra CSS?

Could I even go one step further and have the same icon on the left and the right of the text, and all three elements centered?

Thanks, and best regards


Hi Harald,

Thank you for writing in, yes you can do that, please add your elements in order (icon, text, icon) then inspect your Column turn On the Flexbox Layout option. Set the Child Placement to Row, and set the Align Horizontal to Center.

You can learn more about this new Flexbox features on our Youtube Channel.

Hope it helps,

Thank you very much, that does sound very helpful!

But how do I get a second icon into a column, to achieve the icon-text-icon sequence???

Best regards


Hi Harald,

Separate the two icons from the text element. You can use the Social Icon element for the icons.

If you’re having difficulty on the setup, please provide us the page URL and login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


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