One Page Navigation Footer link to Modal content

I have a one page navigation with Pro Version 2.5.5 setup on my site and it works great for the content areas built into the page but the links to modal content don’t work!
you can try on the french version of the website

Hey David,

The Navigation elements are not connected the Content Area Modal element. The menu links could not open a modal without custom Javascript.

I tried to find a Content Area Modal element in your French home page so I could make a quick example of the custom Javascript code I mentioned but I didn’t find one. What I saw is a modal from a third-party plugin. If that is the case, please ask the plugin author how to activate their modal from a link. We might then guide you to achieve that in our products.

Please also provide WordPress Admin access in a Secure Note so we could check your back-end setup.


The plugin author tell me that i only have to put the element ID or Class on the menu link but it don’t work. They connect themselve on my Wordpress Admin and then tell me to contact the Theme author…

I have the “same problem” on an other website with footer menu link to CSS Class “display:block” element…

Hello David,

I have checked your site and I can see that Ranking, Our Team, Price and Contact menu item works. The Creation does not work because there is no element on the page that has the Youtrafficagency_Production ID.

In your footer menu, About, Mentions and RGPD menu item does not work. I am not sure if it points to the correct ID. I tried looking for the section where you can edit the modal popups so that I can find out the IDs but I could not find it.

Please let us know how it goes.

you can see below the screen shot with the correct ID.
Go to the french version please

Hey David,

Thanks for the screenshot and your credentials. I’ve found that this is not an issue with our theme but rather a misconfiguration of the third-party plugin which should have been investigated well by the plugin developer and pointed out where the issue is.

We do not have support for third-party plugins but I’ll just prove this to you only for this time.

The first mistake is you didn’t add class to the menu item like the screenshot below.

Instead, you configured the URL which is incorrect. The plugin needs a selector which leads to the second mistake. There’s no dot at the beginning of the class of your Modal’s Class field.

I’ve tested that and the modal works when clicking the menu.

If there’s an issue with a third party plugin next time, please test if our theme is conflicting first by switching to the default WordPress theme.

Hope that helps and thank you for understanding.

Sorry for my mistake, and thank you for your help.

You are most welcome!

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