Cornerstone problem after migration


I had X theme correctly working in my site I used cornerstone to edit most of my pages and it worked fine.

But a week ago, i asked my hosting for a domain change from .es to .org . They did it but now, when i try to edit a page previously edited with cornerstone, it opens and shows nothing.

  • They used duplicator plugin a everything shows perfecly
  • All domain references at database have been changed with better search replace plugin
  • Setting permalinks have been saved again

Everything is fine but cornerstone. :frowning:

All pages have cornerstone shortcodes [cscontent]…and are showing at frontend without problems but when i try to edit them, it breaks with no php errors and no javascript error besides the lack of some .map files that doesn’t exist at the original i have in my theme:
DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE

Looink in your forums, the keep talking about a migration info page but the link doesn´t work. I don’t know if there is the solution of all my problems. The link is:

Ok, please help me. I am desperate

Hello Javier,

Thanks for writing to us.

There could be a plugin conflict or a cache issue, I recommend that you will do TESTING FOR PLUGIN CONFLICT and clear your cache.

I would also recommend you to increase the PHP memory limit to 512M To learn more on how to increase the PHP memory limit, please go through this article: You can also ask your hosting service provider to increase the memory limits.

Please check after doing all the changes mentions above.

In case if it doesn’t work for you please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.



Thanks for your answer. I tried deactivating all plugins and the problem remains

I asked my hosting for a memory upgrade bur the same memory limit was at the previous domain and everything was working fine.

I am sending you a secure note with login information. Please, visit and you can see that it is showing information. Then try to edit it with cornerstone and you can see it shows no content. :frowning:

This problem repeats in every page except for Aviso legal. All pages where created and manteined with cornerstone plugin without any problems

I am really lost with this problem :-/

Hi Javier,

In your case, the migration you made corrupted the cornerstone data and it can’t be restored unless you have a backup then remigrate again using a migration tool called All on one migration, to know more about migration, you check it here.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Great, i recovered a backup, followed your instructions and now works just fine.

Thank you

Hi Javier,

Glad that we are able to help you.


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