Content area off canvas - close on click

Good afternoon, I have a selection of links in a ‘Content area off canvas’ element within a PRO header.

2 of the links activate a lightbox with a global block in them on the main page but the off canvas does not slide away. How can I achieve this?? As you can imagine on mobile it looks like it is broken gives the impression that it is a broken link

I have been trying all the suggestions on here but with no luck: Close Content Area Off Canvas With Filter Click

Thank you!

Hello Jason,

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Best Regards.

Thank you - I have all the details but here is a screenshot of the off content element so its quicker for you to locate

Thank you!

Hi Jason,

Regretfully the given credentials do not work for us. It seems that the password is incorrect. Please double check.
In the meantime, based on the code you have given, you will be using this modified JS code:

jQuery ( function($) {
  $('. mobx').click(function(){
     $('#my-off-canvas-off-canvas button').click();   

Or you will have to add an individual ID to the links like this:

<a class="mobx" ID="content-box-1" data-src="#content1" data-type="HTML" data-width="550" data-height="700" data-rel="NoAccess125" style="display:block;
  width: 100%;">The Lounge</a>

<a class="mobx" ID="content-box-2" data-src="#content" data-type="HTML" data-width="550" data-height="700" data-rel="NoAccess126” style="display:block;
  width: 100%;">Member Services</a>

ANd then you will have this JS code:

jQuery ( function($) {
     $('#my-off-canvas-off-canvas-1 button').click();   

     $('#my-off-canvas-off-canvas-2 button').click();   

This is just a sample code. You may need to mix and match the IDs for the elements to make it work.


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