Child theme and change theme

out of ignorance, I started working on the parent theme. When making a change of theme I lost all the information created (post), which I recovered with a backup of the host.
Now I installed the child theme and I am working on it, (attached image), the problem arises that when I change the theme all the information is lost again, even when I am in the child theme. can you help me please.

I have a license for 3 themes, and I just noticed this with one of which I am working now. could you help me correct this error please

Hi Marta,

Would you mind specifying what information is lost when you work on the child theme. Normally, whatever settings you have in the Theme Options will remain as is when you enable the child theme.

If the customization that you have done in the PHP files do not take effect from the child theme, it could be that you have placed the files in incorrect directories.

Feel free to please provide us with the admin and FTP access to your site in a Secure Note so that we can check your site:

i lost information of page created and all the information.
This is replaced by the content of the theme change. when in the wordpress pages section, the page that I create is completely deleted.

Hi Marta,

I am confused and need more information to be able to see what is going on. I checked the raiceā€¦ domain and switched from parent theme to child theme. The list of pages stayed the same.

Themes ib WordPress can not have any effect on the pages:

I suggest that you give us a specific page with screenshots to know what is the difference between the parent theme and the child theme.

I also wonder what was the changes that you have done on the parent theme? Did you change any PHP code inside the files? If yes, you will need to restore the changes and move all your PHP code related changes to the Child Theme.

But if by changes you mean what you changed in Theme Options, it is very easy to move the changes to Child Theme, You will need to go to X > Validation while you have a parent theme and export the Theme Options and download the settings, then you can switch to Child Theme and import the settings from X > Validation.

Finally, I see that you have cache plugins. Please clear the cache and disable those plugins while you work on the website, as they may interfere with the correct showing of the frontend.

Thank you.

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