Display Preview of Content on Pages in Search Results

I am wondering if there is a way to display a preview, take the meta description, or show the first few lines of text in the search results for pages. Right now the articles and portfolio items show the featured picture and a bit of content, so when seeing the page results there just looks like there is nothing to them.

Is this an available option with Themeco Pro?


I went ahead and installed the plugin Relevanssi which seems to do the trick pretty well. I imagine the solution with Pro may require a Child theme to be able to edit the search.php, so I think this may be the simplest fix. If you guys have a solution within Pro that doesn’t require a child theme I’d love to hear about it still though!

Hi There,

Glad you have sorted this out. Though you are correct, that would need template changes using a child theme if you don’t want a plugin.

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I don’t want to install a plugin so can you explain how I edit the text content - some on my site is showing as code.

Hi @LucyKeile,

Please create a new ticket and elaborate more with your concern. Check this out on how to create a new ticket How The Forum Works

Thank you.