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I have two lightboxes on a single page. the images swap based on screen width.
But if you open one in a lightbox it also opens the hidden one.

How can i make the light box show ONLY the single image and not link them together for a scrolling display?

Thank you!


Hi Jesse,

Thank you for writing in, did you use the common class .x-img of the image on your lightbox shortcode selector? If so, please remove that because all image will have that class and be attach to the lightbox, change that to .lbx instead and apply that class lbx to the image that you only want to show on lightbox.

Another thing, it seems you have 2 instances of lightbox shortcode on that page. Please remove the other one and leave only one instance of lightbox shortcode.

Let us know how it goes,

I’m unable to follow those instructions. The light box code is in the RAW element - i deleted it on the second raw element, but it made no difference. Is there something that should be applied to the page CSS?

When i change the .x-img to .lbx it doesn’t do anything differently.
The images are still linked when i open the light box it lets the user scroll through both images.

Hi Jesse,

Please provide us login credentials in a secure note, the page in question, and the image that you want to open in a lightbox so we can take a closer look.


I added a secure note to my last reply, couldn’t figure out how to make a new reply a secure note.

Hi Jesse,

Thank you for the credentials, I did go ahead and restructure your image/lightbox shortcode since what you did is kind of complicated.

Here’s what I did I use the image element to make the image a link and link it to its self (image URL), then add a class lbx to that image. Then below that image element is where the minimal lightbox shortcode with a selector of lbx

Then do the same for the mobile image, but use a different class and selector since you don’t want the images to show on the same lightbox.

Hope that helps,.

Thank you

You’re most welcome,


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