Problem Integration UberMenu with PRO

Dear support,
I spent 2 days trying to fix on my own this problem, I hope you could help me.
On my website under construction (I can send you the IP of the developing server) I suppose, but I am not sure, the website has interference with UberMenu. What is reported on their website ( ) seems canno’t be done dued to the PRO structure.
From the chrome inspectorby deleting these class:

class=“e206-1 x-bar-content”
class=“e206-2 x-bar-container”
class=“e206-3 x-image”
e206-4 x-bar-container

It is near to work perfectly but not 100% because the UberMenu goes under the logo instead of its right.

Ad reported by UberMenu video tutorial the problem with interference is well knowed.

I also used their Residual Styling Diagnostic Tool and it find these containers as interference

I hope you can help me.
Tank you very much

Greetings from Rome


Hey Alessio,

Yes, please give us the URL of the site so we could check the issue. If it’s private, please give us WordPress Admin access in a Secure Note.


Thanks Christian, I sent you info in Secure Note

I forgot to tell you that the problem is with the menu color background, to see the problem you have to try with a mobile width of the browser and click on the hamburger

Hi Alessio,

I added this CSS to your header bar’s custom CSS,

@media ( max-width: 959px ) {}
$el, $el > .x-bar-content {
  height: auto !important;

The mobile breakpoint of your Ubermenu is 959px, and that should reset the static height.


Hi Rad Great support!

But now the logo goes down with the menu… can you provide a little bit support for this?

Hello Alessio,

You will have to edit the header and make sure that the Flex layout position of the bar and the first container is “start” as shown below.

Please check your header now.

Thank you Ruenel, but now the FLEX LAYOUT that I want center and at the end it doesn’t work.

Hi Alessio,

It looks different on my end, it’s not the same as your screenshot anymore. Could you try putting it back to that setup again? The issue is Ubermenu is a separate entity, it’s a bundled plugin but not directly integrated to the custom header. Its structure is different than the default menu elements of the theme.

And when you use Ubermenu, it’s like having a full header too. That’s why elements outside it structure don’t align and respond to its changes (responsive changes). Have you tried adding the logo within the Ubermenu as part of it?


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