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I’ve included some screenshots of our issue. Basically we only have 5 widgets being used on the footer. For some reason they aren’t spanning across the bottom (you can see the gap on the right in the screenshot).

  • In the widgets area there isn’t anything in the 6th footer widget module.
  • Under X > Theme Options > Footer, there are only 4 allowed widgets in the dropdown. Yet there are 6 widgets available. Not sure what is going on or we aren’t understanding how this works.
  • I inspected the page and it shows 6 widgets as well (screenshot of page code included).

GOAL: We are just wanting to get the footer widgets to space across the bottom correctly.


Hi Rob,

Thanks for writing to us.

By default, X theme provides four widgets area at the footer. I could not replicate the issue at my local installation. It might be any plugin or any custom code that is creating an extra widget area which is causing the issue.

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Hi Rob,

Thanks for sharing the credentials. Unfortunately, the given credentials are not working. Please recheck and send it again.


Sorry about that. I just realized that was for our staging site. Those should all work for you now on our production site.

Hi Rob,

It seems that the extra footer widget has been integrated using a few custom coding in the modified child theme. Please find the codes in the functions.php and framework/views/footer/base.php file.

Please remember that we do not provide support for custom codes and the modified child theme, that means we can’t fix it in case it conflicts with something on your site nor will we enhance it.


Hmm, ok. We have discussed getting a new site built out because of all the numerous hands that have touched this over the last couple years. It’s hard to know who put what when they worked on it and now it’s a Frankenstein of a website.

Thank you for looking into this though and informing me of what it is. We’ll see what we can do and move forward!

Hi Rob,

You’re welcome and we are looking forward to with your new website built in Pro. If you have any other concerns regarding our theme features, feel free to reach us.

Thank you.

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