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Hello, I have added an HTML video to my Essential Grid and when it appears in the lightbox there is a Download button on this page, under the JY category). I would like to be able to remove this button, could you please advise? Thank you as always for your help.

Hi @newbasecynthm,

Thanks for writing in!

Are you referring to this button?

Please edit your grid and in the Lightbox tab, disable the download in the checkbox.

Hope this helps.

Hello! Yes, I was referring to that button - I already disabled the checkbox, so not sure why the button was still appearing? I have decided to switch to a YouTube embed now to quickly work around the problem since I need to launch soon, but would be good if you could advise any other fix.

Also one more issue with the EG lightbox… if there is only one item on the page or in the category, when the lightbox opens in mobile view it is cut off around 3/4 down the screen. So any content that extends beyond this is cut off too. Please advise?

Hey Cynth,

I’m sorry I could not replicate the issue you described in my test site. Would you mind setting up a test page in your site with the grid with issue? Please also give us WordPress Admin login URL, username and password so we could check your setup. Please post the credentials in a Secure Note


Yes, certainly. Please see the secure note.

Hey Cynth,

Please take a look at the screenshot below and tell us if that is the cut you’re referring to.

This looks like a bug in the Essential Grid. Please try inserting the code below in Theme Options > CSS.

.esgbox-slide {
  overflow: visible !important;

Hope that helps.

Yes, the screenshot was what I was referring to. Unfortunately the CSS didn’t resolve the issue, and caused the lightbox to disappear completely if I tried to scroll down the page. Any other suggestions I could try? Thanks!

Hello @newbasecynth,

Only the width of the image is set to auto. And because it is in portrait mode, there isn’t enough space to display the bottom of the content in the lightbox. What we can do is to adjust of the image height. This has to be done because swiping down/up/left/right will close the lightbox in mobile screens. Please add this custom css:

@media screen and (max-width: 736px){
    .esgbox-stage .eg-lightbox-post-content-inner div:nth-child(1) {
        text-align: center;

    .esgbox-stage .esgbox-slide,
  	.esgbox-stage .eg-lightbox-post-content{
        overflow: scroll !important;

    .esgbox-stage .eg-lightbox-post-content-inner .esg-post-featured-img {
        padding: 0 !important;
        max-height: 320px;
        width: auto !important;
        margin: 0 auto;

By reducing the maximum height of the image, a smaller image will be displayed thus leaving a decent space for the other information about the image. (You may also set the height to 0 if possible for your design just in smaller screens though since smaller screens have limited space)

Hope this helps you.

Hey Cynth,

I’d like to add a little more context about the issue and the the solution I provided. The issue was only happening in at least in Android Chrome on my phone. In Android Firefox and the Samsung default browser, the lightbox can be scrolled or if you swipe up, the hidden content can be seen unlike being cutoff in Chrome.

Because it can’t be scrolled in Chrome and also in the browser emulator, I attempted to make the lightbox scrollable and the code I provided worked (at least on my end). But, if that doesn’t work in your phone, you should follow Ruenel’s advice to shorten your content by reducing the image’s height. I knew that before but thought the information in your image will not be recognizable due to scaling it down.

I’ll try to replicate this in my test site and will post this in our issue tracker if proven a bug.


Thanks @RueNel , this solution works for me and thank you for the design suggestion to remove the image.

Thanks too @christian_y for your follow-up on the issue. I did have a play around and try with your code again, but it still didn’t seem to work. So appreciate you taking the time to check and test again, hopefully if it is a bug it can be fixed in future updates.

Appreciate both your great support!

You’re welcome. Glad we’re able to help.

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