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Hi there,
I am using E&P Form Builder (which came with X/Pro) to create forms and calculators. I want to insert a shortcode of E&P into a button, and to do so, I created a new page, inside that new page, created a content area and pasted the shortcode inside that content area. My shortcode is something like this: [estimation_form form_id=“9” step=“178”]. In E&P Form Builder, we can get a shortcode for each and every step, which sounds great. However, when I use this shortcode, it does not take me to the indicated step. My form is multi-step calculator and I want to use this shortcode (or if possible a link) to bypass the initial steps of my calculator. That’s why it is important for me, it’s gonna save people time.
Instead of placing the shortcode inside a content area, should I use another element? Deos it sound more like a theme problem or plugin problem?
Thank you!

Hey Gunes,

At this point, we’re not sure if this is an issue with our theme or the E&P Form plugin. Please first test inserting the shortcode in the default WordPress editor or Classic editor and record or take note of the behavior. Also try inserting in the Text element. If the shortcode works, this will let us know if the issue is in the Content Area element.

If the issue persists, please then try switching to the default WordPress theme. If the shortcode will work, this will let us know if our theme is causing the issue.

If the issue persists, the problem could be in the E&P Form. Please export your form and upload it to file hosting sites like Dropbox and give us a link so we could download it and import in our test site to see if we could replicate the issue on our end.

If there’s senstive infromation in your form, you can post the download link in the Secure Note.


Hi Christian,

Thank you for your reply!

I tried embedding the shortcode using different elements as you described above but none of them worked. In the secure note you can find the Onedrive location of the form. There are multiple forms on the zipped file. The one that I am working on is #9.

I want to create links to these steps but like I said before, I cannot:

(1) Small - Great!
[estimation_form form_id=“9” step=“178”]

(2) Mid-size - Great!
[estimation_form form_id=“9” step=“208”]

(3) Large - Great!
[estimation_form form_id=“9” step=“209”]

(4) X-Large - Great!
[estimation_form form_id=“9” step=“210”]

(5) Exotic - Great!
[estimation_form form_id=“9” step=“211”]

By the way, on the steps manager - for testing purpose - if click the flag icon (which is located on the steps) and make one of these steps as the first step, the above short links works, but in this case, we are making a global change, which is not what I want.

Thank you for your help!

Hey Gunes,

This is because of step conflict. Your setup could only jump to the second step because the rest are interconnected. Please try simplifying your steps or avoid complex connections like in the screenshot below. Try a linear step and the jump to step feature would work.


Do you mean, if there are more the 2 links on a step - one inbound, one outbound - shortcodes may not work? The form works well if we start from the very beginning.

Hey Gunes,

Yes. To be specific, it’s the step setup in the shortcode that will not work. Yes, the whole form works even if you start from step 2 as I’ve mentioned previously because there’s no conflict. This is why I kindly ask that you try simplifying your steps.


Hi Christian,

I think the problems is, when we use a shortcode for a certain step, the data that should come from previous selections/steps - that belong to previous/earlier steps - cannot be found. Let me give you an example, let’s say we have 4 steps in total:

Step 1:
Options: A - B - C
Selection: A

Step 2:
Options: D - E - F
Selection: E

Step 3:
Options: G - H - I
Selection: G

Step 4:
Options: J - K - L
Selection: L

If we want to start from Step 3, the previous selections (prices and titles) - which are “A, E” should be known.

I prepared a much simpler form, and couldn’t be able to identify the problem yet. The problem is not the size or complexity, it shouldn’t be. Using the same cloud folder , which you can find on the secure note - you can find it. The name of the form is “Step Shortcode Demo Form”.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Christian,
Did you able to check the form and identify the problem? If we cannot identify and solve problem, I need to change my design.
I am looking for your response.
Thank you!

Hi Gunes,

Please try to disable Enable Introduction settings.

When that is ON, it will always start from the beginning not the steps you have set on the shortcode. It works when I disable that settings. Please try and do let us know if this works for you. Thanks.

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