Unwanted Space above section where menu used to be


I moved the menu on my site to a sidebar. The first section on my homepage has a space above it that looks like padding but I’ve changed all the related options and can’t seem to get rid of it.

Ex 1 Ex 2

Hey Aaron,

Thanks for writing in. In order for us to know what is causing the space, please give us the URL of the page having this issue. If your site is in under construction mode, please give us WordPress admin access in a Secure Note.


For whatever reason, it’s not allowing me to add a secure note!

Hello Aaron,

I have logged in and inspected your homepage. You are seeing an empty space at the top, sides and bottom of the page because you are using Layout - Fullwidth page template. To eliminate these spaces, please switch to Blank - No Container | Header, Footer page template. For more details about the different page templates in the theme, please check this out:


Ah thank you so much!

You are most welcome!

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