Testimonials content squashed to one side

Hi look at this: https://ny.vitalityandhealth.no/
Why are the text in the testimonials all squeezed to one side, and the button that is supposed to be below it taking up 1 half of the page? It doesn’t look like this in the editor (screenshot), is this something to do with the row settings?

Hey Ariell,

Yes, this has something to do with the Row settings. According to what I see in the frontend, you have set up 2 column rows. I’d recommend using 1 column for your design.

After the issue’s fixed, I’d recommend that you learn more building techniques from our Youtube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you’ve found our tutorials useful.

If you’ve not setup 2 columns, please give us the following information in a Secure Note so we could check if there’s something wrong with the builder.

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  • Admin level username and password


Hi thank you that worked. I knew this already, I did not know however that you could choose a different layout for the column for each device, I had only changed it back to the single column on the laptop version. So I had to go and change it for all of them. This is a great feature that allows so much control for having great design across various devices btw. A small suggestion for further updates: How you can choose the “linked sign” for margins/borders/padding for them to be the same across all? That would be great to have here too to quickly have them all at the same number of columns.
Thank you also for the tip on the youtube. Was going to sit down and read the changelog after your bigger update but haven´t had time, youtube ai can do while eating dinner. :slight_smile:

Hi Ariell,

What do you mean by How you can choose the “linked sign” for margins/borders/padding for them to be the same across all? If I understand you correctly, we already have that feature, for example, the border.

If you link all sides you’ll have the same value for all sides.

If you unlink it then you’ll have the option to set value for each sides.


Yes, I know, I like that function so I though maybe it would also be great to have that linking function on the various column settings for different devices. one click sets all the columns for all the devices. That’s all. Link the columns to same settings across all devices in one click.

Hi Ariell,

Ah thank you for the clarification, I added this as a feature request so it can be taken into consideration for future development.

Maybe not the same as how the border/padding/margin linking, but maybe a Context Menu Action like on the new Grid element (see what I mean here).


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