MEC Single Event Location incorrect

Having major issues with the display of event locations. I have set up my location with a specific address, but MEC centres on a lake about 150km away from the address…

All this is in the screenshot:

Hi @liquidedge,

I can see you have so many sites. To speed up the testing and checking, would you mind sharing your wordpress admin login in Secure Note? Thanks.

Notes added now. The site is live, and I’ve already tried disabling all plugins except MEC, and swapping to the standard Pro theme (not child), which didn’t help. Cheers!

Hello @liquidedge,

Please go to the Modern Events Calendar > Settings > Google Maps Options and set the Zoom level.
You might also need to check your Google Map API settings.

Documentation here:

What does zoom level have to do with the fact that the map is centred over 150km from it’s actual address??

The marker doesn’t even show on the actual address if you manually move to it.

API key is fine.

Hello @liquidedge,

To fully understand about Google Maps and Zoom levels, please check this out:

Hope this would explain it.

I understand what zoom level is.

Are you saying that if I zoom out it will be centred correctly? I have changed zoom level to 10 and it is STILL showing the map centred over a lake 200km away from the address that has been set.

Hi @liquidedge,

It is not the zoom. Something on your site settings is causing this. See how it works properly on my test site with the same setting:
I can see you do have caching plugin but currently deactivated. Did you just deactivated it recently? There might be remnants of cache files even after you have deactivated the plugins. Or in case you have caching on your hosting, you might need to clear that too after plugin conflict test. Let us know how this goes.

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