Resize image based off screen size

I’m having difficulty having my full image show when the screen size is changed. I’ve already reset my column layout to only show 1 column on smaller screens but it is cutting off my picture top.

I’m not sure what the best setting would be to ensure 100% of my picture shows regardless of what size screen is viewing it. Any suggestions?

Desktop View (does not cut off top of image)

Mobile Wide Angle Screen (does cut off top of image)

Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for reaching out!

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Thank you.

Just added a secure note to my previous reply with info.

Hello Kimberly,

You should be using contain for the size and bottom right for the position of your background image.

You may also remove the bottom padding in your section settings if you want the image to top to the next section.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, that worked perfectly.

Is there a help article that explains all the different wording options for the size and position box? That would be very helpful.

Hello Kimberly,

It is best that you check out our video tutorials here:

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