Uh oh content failed to save with a shortcode doesn't save!

Hi fellows! i have a problem in my website that started now!

“Uh Oh content failed to save.”

I already saw the related topics and i reviewed all similar topicsl… anyway!
I had in my site one plugin called MODERN EVENTS. when i put de shortcode inside the PRO… this code for any reason stopped the PRO (it doesn’t save anymore).

Then i need to deleted the page, save the theme, load it and save without the shortcode! (a lot of work)… Can you help me?

Hey Rodrigo,

I see lots of Javascript errors in your page. You’ve added script tags in the Content JS and you also use $ in the JS code which is not allowed in WordPress.

Please remove the script tags and have a developer make your JS code compatible with WordPress.

That might not resolve the issue still because I also see an error coming from the jQuery Manager plugin. Please remove that plugin.

If the issue persists after that, please test the deactivating the rest of the third-party plugins in your site to see if one of them is also conflicting.

Also, please remember the guidelines in our How to Get Support article specially this:


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