Fixed header in pro header builder

Hello, How can I set the header in the pro header builder to be fixed when we scroll down?

I know about (sticky bar) option but when I apply it the header still disappears once we start scroll then appear again. what I need is to make it fixed only

Also, I switched to custom footer but when the page contains a small content the footer does not appear at the end of the page. how can I make it appears at the end of the page?

check the attached photo

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When editing the custom header and making the bar with sticky option, make sure that the Trigger Offset is set to 0 so that the bar will not hide away.


The bar should stay as is when the sticky option is enabled. As for your footer, make sure that there aren’t now text element that displays the small content as you have shown in the screenshot. If nothing is helping, provide us access to your site so that we can check your settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
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about the footer, yes it has text element to show the copyrights, is there another way to show the copyright without using text element?

Hello Ahmed,

Thanks for the clarifications. Be advised that when you create a custom footer, the footer area will be a blank canvas. You will need the Footer Builder to insert any element so that it will display in the footer. You cannot display a copyright text in the footer without adding a text element. If you do not want to use the Footer Builder, then the default footer will be displayed. You can tweak the default footer in X > Theme Options > Footer. You can even insert a copyright text in X > Theme Options > Footer > Footer Content. For more details, check out this documentation:

Hope this helps.

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