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When creating a header and adding new elements to a container, the elements appear to the left and I have to play with the margins to make it fit properly. If I add a second element below element 1, it seems to depend on the one above and it is very difficult to put them when I want. Is there any way to center them with just one click? Also, after palying with the margins and managing to accomodate the PC version if I check the laptop, ipad and phone versions the elements go all over the place. Is it not possible to just keep them center in all versions? Thank you.

Hello Clau,

Thanks for writing in! Please refrain from using margins in centering or aligning your elements. You may need to enable the Flexbox layout in the container and then align the elements vertically and horizontally. We highly recommend that you check out our vide tutorials instead to be familiar in creating the header and the flexbox layout.

For more tutorial videos in creating your header, please check our Youtube Channel:

Hope this helps.


I have followed your advice. This is how I set the flexbox:

Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 11.24.39

However, when I add a text or button it automatically gets aligned to the left. I cannot put them in the center of the conteiner unless using the margins, but again I have to adjust them for every device. How can I center them automatically? Thank you.

Hello @roadtosuccess,

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