Woocommerce apple pay and google pay not displaying?

woocommerce apple pay and google pay not displaying as a purchase option in my checkout.
website is www.cntrlplace.com

Hello @jeffgollin,

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thank you, I added a secure note

Hello @jeffgollin,

I checked your site it seems that you have not set up the shop page for your store. I would suggest you add your product and set up your shop page. Please have a look at this article to learn more about how to set up Apple pay & Google Pay

Please note Apple pay is only available for eligible devices with an active Apple Wallet when using the Safari browser. Apple Pay will not be presented as a payment option on Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers.

Hope it helps

but I’m not using a store page as my products are services, what do you mean by setup? as I have a store page allocated as a store page.

Also my links don’t seem to work in safari? but work fine on everything else?

Hello @jeffgollin,

If you go to the URL in the secure note below, you will find this setting:

This means that these are the pages that the GPay and Apply Pay will appear. I also check your Store page and it is empty. What this means is that you do not have any products. Since you are selling services, you may be interested in these articles:

Hope this makes sense.

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