One page scroll

Hey there,
I added one page scroll, it works great. however some headlines get cut off, due to the header menu that overlays the whole page

Please help me to find a solution
thank you :slight_smile:

Hi There

Thanks for writing in! This issue has been fixed after X theme v6.2.5 and Pro v2.2.5 as you can read it on our changelog (

Please check our version information from here ( and update your theme and plugins to the latest version by following our update guide here (

Also please make sure to clear all caches before testing, once you update your theme. You can refer to the following resource if required (

If you’re still having issues, please provide us with an example page URL to your site to check your issue further.


Hey there, still the same issue, there are no caching plugins involved there are none.


Sorry for the confusion, that fix is for X.

Due to the complexity of PRO Headers, onepage Navigation is not yet available for PRO

Please check link below for detailed explanation.


OK thats sad and this is a lie?


I had another look and tested this on my test sites. It seems to work on my end.

I would like to check your header settings. Can you please provide us your wordpress admin login in Secure Note.


done, please have a look
thank you


I would suggest that the section oeffnungszeiten should have the same padding as the mitgliedschaft. It is using the default which is just 45px and the other section is using calc(2rem + 5vw) 0px calc(2rem + 5vw) 0px;

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

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