Customizer Not Working on Newly Installed X Theme

Hi there,

I just purchased your X Pro theme and i’m having an issue with the X Pro Customizer. When I go to the Customizer in WP Admin, it continually produces blank white screen with the X logo loading for every page.

I found this troubleshooting guide, and edited the wp_config as stated, as well as asked my hosting provider (WP Engine) to update my PHP Memory limit to 512.

Neither of those fixes have helped me with this.

Is there something else i’m missing?

Here’s my site stats:
Wordpress 5.0.3
PHP 7.2
X Version 6.4.6

Hello Jon,

Thanks for writing in!

Please don’t use Customizer as X Theme has it’s own theme options panel that can be accessed from X > Theme Options.


Hi Prasant,

Ah sorry for the confusion, but I am using the Theme Options option under the X Menu panel. In your GIF, that pulsating X logo that you see immediately after you click Theme Options is what I continuously get.

For more context, i’m upgrading to the X theme from another Wordpress theme called Dynamix, so i’m wondering if the X theme is having troubling loading a view of my site because it used to be on another theme?

Hi Jon-Sun,

Is that the site you’re working on below? I don’t see any error on the frontend besides the messy layout, but that is normal since your site is based on another theme.

Would you mind providing us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look?


Hi there,

Yep that is my site. See below for login credentials so you can take a look.

Thank you!

Hi Jon-Son,

I have tested your issue further and it seems that Autoptimize plugin conflicts with X -> Theme Options. I have disabled it temporarily and then your Theme Options functioned properly (see secure note below).


Hi there,

Ah I really appreciate you figuring that out. Autoptimize has been a really important plugin in speeding up our site… is there any possibility for the X Wordpress theme to work with the autoptimize plugin in the future? We find the minification and optimization of the CSS/JS to be great and it’d be a shame if we’re unable to use it with your theme.


Try to exclude the theme and cornerstone js files from Autoptimize minification. These files are minified by default so no need to minify it again.


Hope this helps

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know that I did exclude those files in my plugin but it’s still breaking Cornerstone. I realized there was another topic similar to this issue here:

I’m assuming that nobody else has found a fix?

Hi Jon-Sun.

Under Settings > Autoptimize > Misc Options, try to disable the Also optimize for logged in users option. Remember to clear the cache after.

Disable Autoptimize for administrators

Hope it helps,

HI there,

AH that was an option all along…that actually helped in having the page builder work with autoptimize installed!

Thank you so much! Really helped out with that headache haha.

You’re welcome, Jon. Just a quick note about minification. Though disabling Autoptimize now works with the builder because it can be disabled in admin, minification and all optimizations in general could cause issues in the front-end. If that happens, you’ll need to contact Autoptimize’s support or a third party developer.


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