Adding instagram feed to X Theme

Hi Team,

Can you suggest the best workflow for adding an instagram feed to X at the moment please.

Hi Deesign,

Thanks for reaching out.
You can try using the bundled grid plugins. Both have the features you need. Please visit the links below for more details and plugin usage instructions.

Hope it works for you.

Thank you @tristup

We used the Grid in the past but it’s stopped working.
The Social Media tab on the Demo page above doesn’t even show instagram any longer - are you sure this is currently working for display?

Hi again,

I followed all the steps to add Instagram provided by The Grid on this page:

But the preview still says “No Content Found” error and is not displaying the feed images.
Please advise the next steps for trouble shooting. I can’t use The Grid support so relying you Team X to help us get this going :slight_smile:

Hello @Deesign,

It seems that you have not properly created the App on To get Instagram feed on the website you would need an Instagram access token. To get Instagram access token you need to create an app at You can follow the “The Grid” documentation to get the access token or you can check this video form creating the app to get token.

Hope it helps

Thank you @prakash_s

Third time lucky - I followed the steps in the video above (which were in a little bit of a different order then the theme-one instructions) and we have success.

One small item you can help with is that the hover in grid shows the likes and comments in zero for all the posts - but that’s not the true metrics - how do we update to display the correct data.

Thank you.

Hello @Deesign,

Please make sure you have granted all permission in the Instagram App and Facebook App. If you have given and still doesn’t work for you. please share your details in a secure note. Please provide the following details

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts


Pretty sure all the permissions have been granted - everything mentioned in all 3 different tutorials above.
Is there a list of what’s required to make this work with The Grid?

Hi @Deesign,

I would like to request you update the plugin to its latest supported version by comparing our version compatibility page. If that does not help to resolve the issue, please let us know so we can check and will post this in our issue tracker so this issue will be queued for fixing by The Grid development team.
Alternatively, you can try using the Essential Grid plugin. Which have the features you need. Please visit the links below for more details and plugin usage instructions.

Hope it helps.

Thank you @tristup

I’ve updated The Grid to Version - with no luck on seeing the correct metrics on the grid display from Instagram. What are the next steps to fix this please?

Hi @Deesign,

I suggest that you follow the system requirements for the Grid plugin and ask your hosting provider to follow this:

If it doesn’t help, I recommend using the Essential Grid, see my colleague’s previous response for more information about the said plugin.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Thank you @marc_a - moving over to Essential grid on 6 sites will take some time.
I would prefer to see if there’s a way to get the grid to work like it used to - I can’t send in a support question to them directly so we’re depending on your assistance.

System Requirements updated and no luck with showing the correct metrics - is this an known error?

Hey @Deesign,

This could be a new bug that is why we’ll report this to The Grid developers. This might take time which is why we suggested using the Essential Grid as an alternative.

Because switch to the Essential Grid will take time for you also, I’d recommend consulting or hiring a developer to create a custom solution for you. This would be the best solution as you’ll get what you need as you’ll work closely with a developer especially that Instragram might change or update their API in the future and plugin developers might be delayed in pushing compatibility.

In case you want to get support from The Grid author directly, you will need to purchase The Grid license here.

We understand the situation but regretfully, we cannot fix this issue. What we can do is report this to The Grid developers only.

Thank you for understanding.

Thank you @christian - has this been reported to them?

You are most welcome.

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