Convert Plus Problem or Repair

Hey, there! I was migrating back from test domain to the new one after some redesign and ConvertPlus got all messed up. Modals stopped working by CSS class. Two different Connects campaigns were exporting same list from one of them. When entering the campaign itself I’m getting a blank page. Also I can’t create a new Campaign - just nothing happens when I press create new. And all this with no errors with JS or else. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled, but no changes.

What could be an issue and is there a way to backup the data from Connects and import it later?

P.S. Seems like the problem is in database… What table CP’s data saved at?

Hey @pioneer_m,

ConvertPlus stores data in the wp_options table. If you’re looking for Connects, it’s stored in the smile_lists Option Value.

When creating a campaign, would you mind trying button 1 shown in the following screenshot? I ask this because button 2 doesn’t work in one of my test site.


Yep, this way it works. Still that’s not the main problem at all. This is what happens, when I click over the entry in campaign. And on the screenshot below you can see how it should work instead (from the test subdomain).

Hey @pioneer_ma,

In this case, please give us WordPress Admin access of both your live and test sites. Post the credentials in a Secure Note.


Okay, please.

Hi @pioneer_ma,

I went to both the live site and the test site. I went to ConvertPlus > Connects and clicked on the EmailTelegram and First with no problem on both installations.

The next step was to add a new campaign, I managed to do that with both installations. The test server was a little bit slow and it took time to create the campaign.

The only difference that I see is the Cache plugin on the Test server. Please clear the cache and disable the plugin and check the website with another browser or clear your browser cache to see the uncached version of the admin area.

Thank you.

Hey, @christopher. Looks like we’re talking about different stuff. I’ll record the video, if you want/need so you will see. Checked on an absolutely new device after clearing all caches. Things are really messed up. On some pages modals are not called by CSS class at all. On some pages CSS class activation is working, but it’s bringing absolutely different modal with different CSS callout.

Entering the campaigns is ok. Try to enter the particular lead INSIDE the campaign. And try to export the campaigns themselves and match what is really exporting. We have 2 campaigns called First and EmailTelegram. You can export them from All Campaigns overview page and from the Inside Page of every campaign. In first case it just redirects to standart WP page “The link you followed has expired.” In second one - just blank. Before you were doing tests some times they were cross-linking each others export files.

Hello @pioneer_ma,

Can you please make sure that everything is up to date? And if possible, please reinstall WordPress core.
You may need to check this out:

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Is there a correct way to export and then import leads in ConvertPlus? Cause I can export them, but there is no place in ConvertPlus, where I can import Conects! So, after reinstalling everything I’m just loosing all the leads base.

Hi @pioneer_ma,

Connects is only a tool to capture, sync, manage & analyze your contacts all in one place. Your leads should have already sync on your mailing service so there is no need to import it back to the ConvertPlus campaign.

If you really need to import it, please import it directly to your mailing service contact list.


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