MEC support on webnus?

Is anyone else having issues with the new support on webnus. they want us to ask questions directly on fresh chat but then it says few hours wait for answer???

so I assume we get an answer via email but no email comes through. so are they expecting us to keep the chat window open or something? This is starting to put me off especially as i purchased the add on bundle i expect some form of smooth support but doesn’t seem to be happening.

Hey @bulli79,

I’m sorry but we can’t answer that question as we do not have a connection with Webnus.

If you have bought a standalone MEC license or an addon from them, please contact Webnus via support channels they provide in their documentation.

If you’re referring to MEC as bundled in our theme, we are the ones who provide support for it. If this is the case, please open a separate thread for each issue.

Please don’t forget to:


No i actually bought the add on bundle from them so i should be getting support but they recently changed there methos and asked everyone to ask questions through fresh chat.

but like i said im confused as to where answer gets posted

Hey @bulli79,

I see. In that case, you need to ask support from Webnus as we only support MEC as bundled in our theme only and we do not included support for MEC addons.

Thank you for understanding.

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