Ubermenu - No layout grid option

Hello, I am working in Ubermenu and I am unable to get to the page of layouts (which I see in the videos). As I cannot see to get the menu layout to be flyout layout with the correct sizing. Please let me know how I can get to the layout gird page in ubermenu. Thanks.

Hey Bret,

Thanks for posting in! You can access the layout in the UberMenu settings. Please go to Appearance > Ubermenu > Main UberMenu Configuration > Position and Layout. If this is not the one, can you provide the video and point us which of the layout grid page you are referring to.


Here is the page I am referring too. https://sevenspark.com/docs/ubermenu-3/settings/submenu/position

I do not have this menu layout grid. I think it will help on my flyout submenu. Thanks.

Hey Bret,

To be extra clear, do you mean when you go to Appearance > Menus > Menu Item Settings > Submenu, you don’t see the Flyout option under the Submenu Tab?

If you have the Flyout option and want the Submenu Position options, just scroll down as they’re just below the Flyout option.

If you really don’t have it, first ensure that everything is up to date according to our version compatibility list at https://theme.co/docs/version-compatibility. Please follow the best practices when updating your theme and plugins. See https://theme.co/docs/how-to-update for more details.

If updating doesn’t help, please give us the following info in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL (if you’ve changed the default wp-admin)
  • Admin level username and password


Hello Bret,

Please go to Appearance > Menus. Select the menu you are trying to edit and then hover over one of the menu item. The Ubermenu settings should appear. Click on it and then a panel will popup.

Hope this helps.

Thank you that is it.

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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