Pro header builder suddenly doesn't translate correctly via WPML flags


I updated all WPML plugins and now the custom built headers don’t translate even though flags are present. WPML support asks me if WPML > Settings > Post Type Translation is set to translatable. My cs_headers are set to translatable but Header builder is called x_masthead, right? I can’t find x_masthead. Also, the headers were translating fine before the update.

Please advice. I spent a whole day on this believeing that it was the client who had messed up the headers. I tried creating new ones and making brand new EN translations.

Here is one page with a only the SV header showing while the EN version of it is gone

Reloading in the copying phase (as advised in this thread) doesn’t work.


Hi @Lobsterass,

Thanks for reaching out.

May I know how it should appear? Because I compared and the content are translated okay

And please grant admin access so we could test WPML if it needs further checking. Currently, admin is not accessible except the builder.


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Index header works for some reason. Please see the under pages like for example. That one along with other under pages suddenly lack the EN translated version of the header.

Admin credentials are attached in the secure note above.


Hi @Lobsterass,

I went to your website and copied the specialkost header. Then I went to the header builder for that header and clicked the English flag. It showed me the option to start from scratch or copy existing. The problem was that the copy existing was not there and the selector was empty:

There might be a problem with the new version of WPML and our theme. I am not sure as I do not have access to the latest version of WPML plugin. I checked our Version Compatibility article and we are supporting version 4.2.9, but your version is 4.3.10.

I’d appreciate it if you follow the steps below:

1- Update Pro theme to version 2.3.3 and test the result.
2- Downgrade WPML to version 4.2.9 and test the result.
3- Upload the latest version of WPML for us using a file sharing service and provide us with the URL using a Secure Note so that we can test the latest version on our installation.

Thank you.

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