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I have found recently that the parallax is zooming in on the image and not working well. I have used a large image and a small image. Neither works. I am using visual composer to build the site.

Here is the site: http://petrill.gallagherbd.com/

Scroll down to the “projects” section.

Hi @gallagherBD,

Thanks for reaching out.

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here you go

Hello @gallagherBD,

I have checked your page. I noticed that your image used in the parallax background is only 1465x715 pixels. Be aware that to have a goo parallax background effect, the image will be stretch out covering the whole content band or row area. There will also be an allowance of it for being stretch out so that it can move up and down upon you scroll on the page. We highly recommend that you change your image to at least 1800x1200 pixels.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

It is now 1800x1200 and still very zoomed in.

yes, this image was smaller but I also had a massive image before that.

I just adjusted the speed and that has seemed to calm it down.

Thanks for the help!

You’re welcome!
It’s good to know that it has worked for you.

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