How to align Content Page Width with Slider Width?

  1. How do I match or control the width of the Rev Sider to the fullwidth Content Page.
  2. How do I match or control the width of the Rev Slider to the width of a Sidebar page including Content Page plus Sidebar ?

i.e. We want to align the Slider even with the outside of the white content pages, no matter what the screen size.
Thank you.

Hi Lorem,

Thank you for writing in, 1) on your Slider Settings, please set the Slider Layout to Auto

  1. On the Page Settings, please set your Slider in the Slider Settings: Below Masthead option.

That should put your Slider below the header and take the width of your Main Container (Content + Sidebar)

There is no way to put the slider in the Content and make that extend to the Sidebar. You can set the Slider Layout to Full-Width but that will take the entire width of the screen.

Hope it helps,

On my computer I see no difference in how Auto displays vs Fullwidth.
If I change the browser page width (not full screen) by dragging in a side, the slider does not shrink in size, it centers the center slide and cuts off part of the other two sides.

Hi Loren,

In that case, please provide us the page URL where we can see the slider and a login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look on the slider configuration.


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Hello Loren,

Your slider is already fullscreen. The problem is that your slide is only 400 pixel wide.
Please check on how you can set the maximum width of the slider here:

Hope this helps.

THe Advanced options and access to the max width are not available on my screen. How do I turn them on?

Hello Loren,

It is already available down below the layer grid sizes. And it is only available if you select “Auto” as your slider layout.

Hope this helps.

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