Menu can't be found in "assign menu" section

On a new website (no plugins for now), I created my menu with 2 pages in the back office. When I tried to assign my new menu in an “inline navigation” element in my header, my new menu is not shown so I can’t select it.
My menu has been saved, I reloaded my Pro page and even re-installed wordpress so I don’t know where it’s coming from…! First time this happens to me.

Hello @deciplex,

Thanks for writing to us.

It seems that you have not set the Menu Display Location because of that the menu is not available in the Navigation Inline element’s dropdown box. You need to set the Menu location from the WordPress menu settings

Please have look at the given screenshot.

Hope It Helps

I tried it before without success. Just to make sure i tried again, and selected “Primary menu” in assign menu but menu doesn’t appear.

Hello @deciplex

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Thank you for your time, it seems it resolved by itself this morning… i don’t know how
Have a good day

Hi @deciplex,

Great that it resolved now.


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