Image doesn't open in lightbox. Adds broken link


we we’re using the simple lightbox plugin for a while:
But now all the links are broken, because the images are not linking to the sourcefile anymore but instead to a page with a broken link:

This is an example post:
All the links are not working in the lightbox anymore.

We have hundreds of blogpost with broken links now and the images should link to the sourcefile so the lightbox can work.
This is the comfiguration:

Hello @trapstar,

Thanks for writing in! Based on the screenshot, the link is empty. You need to link it to the absolute image file so that your lightbox will work. We would love to check your site settings and investigate. You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
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Best Regards.

I’m aware that there should be a link to an image but we we’re using this for a couple of years by now with the lightbox plugin and it was working fine. There are hundreds of blogposts and its not an option to change every href by hand.

So any trick that turns this link: into this link would be great.

Hello @trapstar,

Please understand that the installed 3rd party plugin is not fully supported with the theme.

If you edit your page and inspect your image element, you would find this:

As you can see, the HREF is empty and your 3rd party plugin supplies the URL. The only way you can resolve this is to manually supply the HREF for each image. You can obtain the absolute image URL in your Media > Library.

Hope this makes sense.

I totally understand why it’s not working now. What I don’t understand is why it was working the last years.
If we ignore the Lightbox plugin, there’s still this misbehavior of appending this kind of slug to the URL: “114026:full” which results in a 404 page.

As I mentioned before, this wasn’t the case the last years. If the link switch was enabled, X or Cornerstone automatically putted the hotlink to the image file as href. So based on this behavior we builded all our posts.
I’m sure you can imagine how much time it would take changing countless of uploaded images in hundreds of posts.

I hope there is a less time consuming solution as it’s not solely a malfunction of the third party plugin.

There are older posts, having the exact same settings and the image links are working:

So I don’t know what changed, but it was working before.

Hey @trapstar,

If you leave the HREF empty, it won’t default to the image URL. That has been the behavior ever since. It’s possible that a 3rd party plugin copies the image URL to the link HREF.

Hi @trapstar,

I wanted to chime in here and advise what likely changed here. In more recent versions of Cornerstone (and Pro) the image is stored as the attachment ID rather than the URL. It’s possible that for these images, a different image is getting resolved and the href isn’t matching. This could happen if you have a plugin that changes how thumbnails work in WordPress, or something that tries to optimize images. A workaround for this is using “Insert via URL” and copy/pasting the exact image URL. That will ensure the URL for the image src is identical to the href of the link.

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