Typekit font not working in Essential Grid mobile

Hi there!
My custom Typekit font works well in Essential Grid on desktops but not mobile. Please advise what I can do to fix this?

https://staging4.bopteraerospace.com/bopter-aerospace/ (it’s the three boxes - hover text appears over gold box right under the slider). Mostra Nuova is the text that should appear in mobile too.


Hello @rotipom,

Thanks for writing in! It seems that you have added the incorrect font name in the Essential Grid plugin. Kindly edit your grid and make sure that you set the font name to mostra-nuova instead of just added “Mostra Nouva”.

If this is NOT helping, provide us access to your site so that we can check your settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
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– WP password
– WP Administrator Role

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Best Regards.

Hi there! Thanks for this. I have changed to Mostra-Nuova instead but it’s not working. Now strangely enough, this font is not showing up on desktop device now, and the preview isn’t showing the correct font anymore like it was yesterday.

I added a secure not with login in my original q. Can you help me check? Thanks!

Hello @rotipom

It seems that the Mostra-Nuova fonts are working fine at my end. It might be cache issue at your end, I would recommend you to purge all the cache and clear your browser cache and then check it or you can check it in the private mode of the browser.



Thank you! Yes cache issue, all good now.

Hi @rotipom,

Glad that it resolved now.


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