Woocommerce makes my featured image incapable of loading

Hey team,

I know woocommerce is supposed to play nicely with X, so I am a bit confused. When woocommerce plugin is active, I cannot use the featured image area. I try to open it but it gets stuck and nothing displays.

Seeing as I need to put a featured image on each product and that is only possible if woocommerce plugin is active, I am at an impasse.

Can you help me out?

I did inspect the featured image area and google said there were some cookie conflicts. Not sure if that is the cause.


I couldn’t replicate the issue you described in my test site. WooCommerce plays nicely with our theme. This means that there’s something else causing the issue on your site.

We need to know if our theme is really the one causing this issue on your site so before we investigate, please perform all the troubleshooting suggestions in our Common Issues article here: https://theme.co/docs/common-issues.

If you find that a 3rd party plugin is causing the problem, please contact the plugin author.

Only if none of the suggested actions helps, give us WordPress Admin access details in a Secure Note.


Thanks Christian

I had already disabled all plugins. I concluded it was an ajax issue. In the end, I just stopped trying to use WooCommerce.

The problem may have stemmed from some script I placed in the site. I can’t remember where I placed the script, and I don’t need it any more.

You know how each page is capable of receiving custom script and css? Is there a way I can easily tell which pages have custom scripts? I could remove the unneeded script and try WC again.



You can first check if any scripts are added globally by navigating to Theme Options > JS section:


To check the scripts added to page level, edit your pages in Cornerstone, in the left panel, go to JS section to find your custom script if added:


Hope this helps!

It does. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to manually check each and every page. Thank you though. I will get to it.

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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