Smartphone error. The template content is shown instead of the created content

I have used a template and filled the template with content. However now the website on the smartphone shows the content of the template.

It is weird because the website on a normal laptop is shown just fine.

Hey Wouter.

I checked your site and it in under construction mode, please disable it or give us WordPress Admin login and username in a Secure Note

Please also provide the URL of the specific page having the issue.


Its just the homepage. The website is published

As you can see when you visit the website on a smartphone and on a laptop it shows different content.

Hi Wouver,

I see that you have two threads of the same issue, let’s discuss this issue here.

You have imported a demo that has dedicated content for desktop and for mobile. To explain this further, please open your builder and switch to different device views

And with Hide during breakpoints option, you can control the visibility of the sections and elements for each device view.

You have two options,

  1. Update the content meant for mobile so it wouldn’t look as placeholder
  2. Toggle off the Hide during breakpoints for each section and delete the duplicate contents

Please note that you can only select the section and elements when you switch to each device view.


Thanks, I found it

You’re welcome!

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