Issues with The Grid plugin ajax loading

We use The Grid for our blog. The main issue I’m having is when there are few blog articles on a given subcategory, when the user scrolls down the page, the blog articles will load via the built-in ajax functioning one at a time (video #1). It would be nice to just have them load one row at a time like how it loads when there are four articles loading at once in a row.

Another thing I am wondering about is when the grid is displaying “All” blog posts and it does load one row at a time, is there any way to get this to load faster or is this pretty much as fast as the blog can be expected to load? (video #2).

Thank you!

Hi @Hyperbits,

You can set the number of items on the Load More Item Number setting and set the time to load on Load More Item Delay. Please find the screenshot describing the settings.

Hope it helps.

Hello Tristup,

I adjusted the settings in the Load/Ajax tab like you described but I am still having the same issues shown in the videos in my original post. Even if I set the “Load More Item Number” to 8 and the “Load More Item Delay” to 0ms, it still loads only 1 article at a time when the user scrolls down.

Hello @Hyperbits,

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Hello ruenel,

Thank you for checking into it. The Grid Id for the blog is 2610.

Hello Hyperbits,

I have checked your grid and it works as expected. It is set to display 8 items with 0 delay as your scroll.

I would highly recommend that you set a delay and use the Load More button with the On Click event so that you can easily see that the AJAX loading is working.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

To clearly see that the AJAX works

Hello @ruenel,

Do we have to use “On Click” for the ajax loading to function properly? We much prefer the “On Scroll” method for the functionality of our blog.

I changed the method back to “On Scroll” and it is still doing the single item loading as you can see in this video:

Even when I change the method to “On Click,” it is still doing the single item loading so that did not take care of the issue. You can see in this video:

Please let me know what I can do to fix this issue.

Thank you!

Hi Serik,

Unfortunately, this seems to be a bug within the THE GRID itself, as I tested this with default WP Theme (Twenty Twenty-One) and the issue is still happening. I tried to look online for a solution but I could not find any.

There is nothing we can do about this for now, but to wait for the plugin author to fix the bug.

Please also note that, Themeco updates and support of this plugin will end on September 30, 2021. You may continue to use the plugin after this date at your own discretion. We recommend all Themeco customers switch to the native Posts Elements available in all Cornerstone builders. More advanced layouts can be achieved using the Grid Element available in Pro.*

You may subscribe to our ONE service if you need support for this plugin.

Thank you for understanding,

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