Confusion Setting Up Structure

What is the best way to set-up a different blog on many different pages, each page displaying a different category?

For example …

Sports Home Page (displays all posts)

Football Category Page (displays all football posts only)
Baseball Category Page (displays all baseball posts only)
Basketball Category Page (displays all basketball posts only)

Above terminology may be incorrect.

Is there a particular stack that would work better than others?


Hi Marshall,

Thanks for reaching out.

For that, I recommend using the bundled grid plugins, like Essential Grid and The Grid plugin. Please check these,

With that, you can create group of post through grid filtered with your preferred category.



Looks not too bad to set-up. Is this included with Pro?


Hi Marshall,

Yes, they are bundled plugin and you can install them to the extension section where you usually validate the Pro license.


Thanks. This works almost perfectly.

How do I get the grid to display like this?


Hi Marshall,

Your site is currently under Construction Mode so I can’t see what you are referring to.

Would you mind providing us your wordpress admin login in Secure note


Thanks for the quick response…

Hi @wackyadventurer,

You can edit the skin of your grid, then add the post category and post excerpt:

For more information, please take a look at this:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Ah ha!

I’ve finally figured it out. Initially, I had set the menu to display a page, it should have been set to display a category.

However, how do you edit the title? Now, it says Category Archive and another line underneath when you click on Retirement, Travel or Foodie.


Hello Marshall,

There’s an easy option. Please edit your categories and provide custom title and subtitle on the following fields:

Hope this helps.

Thanks! Works perfectly now.

You’re always welcome!


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