How to delete a Cornerstone page?

I create a page inside the Cornerstone page builder, but I now I cannot delete it.

I thought I could just go to the default WordPress list of pages and delete it from there, but it does not show in that list so I cannot delete it from there.

It only shows inside the Page Builder Content list of pages. So how do delete it from there?

Hi @thecashbag,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Either the page is created within page builder or outside the builder it should show up in the pages list (Admin > Pages). You might be having a conflict which could be preventing the page to show up. Please check for the following first:


If you still have problems then please get back to us with the result of the steps above and URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.


The pages were added from your design cloud templates.

They didn’t have any “status” assigned to then. I.e. they weren’t classified as drafts or published.

I had to go into the page in Cornerstone, assign it a status, and then delete it from WordPres Pages admin.

This seems like a bug, being able to create a page that has no status assigned.

Can you pass it along?

Hello @thecashbag,

Please note when you import a content page template for the Design Cloud it would create a page now you need to click on the Settings icon—>Status —>Set the status as Publish/Draft then click on the Save button.

Now you need to go to the Pages —>Find out the page and then delete it.

Hope it helps

Yes but I am saying that is not immediately clear.

Cornerstone should be creating these pages as Drafts to avoid the problem I had.

Normal users will not know it does not have a Status assigned to the post, and thus have to waste time reaching out to support and wasting your time also.

This is why I am saying it is a Bug and wish for you to pass it along for changing if possible.

Hello @thecashbag,

Your feedback has been noted. I will forward your feedback to our developers.

Best Regards.

Hi @thecashbag,

Thanks again for your feedback here. I’ve made the adjustment for the next release to create these new pages as drafts.

Great to hear!

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